Riding Academy

The Lagos Polo Club Riding Academy started officially on the 11th of November 2019. It was formed with the objectives being to teach the proper basics of riding, true horsemanship, and what it takes to become a proper polo rider. The benefits are endless, not only do you learn proper balance, coordination, and develop core strength and confidence but you also learn all it takes to own and care for a horse.  Since we started we have graduated 2 batches of students. Every year, the Academy will graduate 6 batches of students. We offer the following courses/packages:

  1. Introduction to Riding(for beginners and those who have had no formal lessons)
  2. Intermediate Course 
  3. Alumni Package( for our graduates to practice their riding and eventually move to the next course)
  4. 4 lesson package (for those who can ride but need a refresher course.

Our 2 Instructors have over 20 years of riding and training horses combined and are passionate about sharing their knowledge on and teaching proper horsemanship. 

To join, kindly click the link

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