Membership Information

For enquiries on membership at Lagos Polo Club, please visit the Club office.

i). Ordinary Membership

Any person over the age of 21 years shall be eligible for ordinary Membership, in this case of a family the husband or the wife shall apply to become an ordinary member and if elected his wife(or her husband) and any children under the age of 21 years may also use the full facilities of the Club.

Any Children over the age of 21years must also apply for membership in their own right. The wife (or husband) of a family may also apply to become an Ordinary Member and her (or his) name must appear on the application for membership.

ii). Senior Membership

Any ordinary member who has reached the age of 65 years and above and has been a member of the Club for a minimum of 20years shall be categorized as a senior member.

iii). Corporate Membership

A private or public company duly registered under the law shall be eligible for Corporate Membership such Membership shall permit only 3 senior officials of the company access to the full facilities of the Club, provided that such persons have been elected in accordance with Rule 4.

 Honorary Members

Any person who, in the opinion of the Committee, has rendered or may render special services to the Club may be appointed as an Honorary-Member of the Club by the Committee.

Any Honorary member shall be entitled to all privileges of membership save that they shall not seek an elective office or be enfranchised.


i). Temporary Members

Any Person visiting Lagos may be admitted as a temporary Member by the Honorary Secretary for a period of not more than six months continuously and not more than six months in any financial year, on application by any Ordinary member accompanied by an endorsement from the applicant’s home Club.

ii). Dilpomatic Corps

Senior members of the Diplomatic Corps may also be admitted as Temporary members provided that the terms of their admission may be at the discretion of the Main Committee.

 Oversea Members

Any Ordinary Member who leaves Nigeria permanently or semi-permanently shall if he so wishes automatically become an Overseas Member and shall be entitled to wear the Club Tie and Cravat (but shall have no other privileges) provided that notice of such intention shall be given to the Honorary Secretary within three months of his departure and he enters his name in the book provided for this purpose.

The words ‘Member’, ‘Members’ or ‘Membership’ shall here after throughout these Rules be held to relate to Ordinary Members only and the masculine shall include the feminine and vice-versa, save where that interpretation may be inconsistent with any Rule. The number of such Members shall be limited from time to time in accordance with the decision of the committee.


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